Benefits of becoming a CSA Shareholder

  • Building community / developing important relationships
  • Weekly access to local, high-quality, organically grown produce – and eating with the seasons
  • Access to all of Sequatchie Cove’s farm-raised products – eggs, beef, pork, plants, and flowers will be for sale at each drop-off as they are available throughout the season; special orders & bulk orders for meats can also be arranged for convenient pick-up.
  • Supporting your local economy – 95% of food consumed in Chattanooga is shipped in from elsewhere. Those dollars are also on the next truck out of town!
  • Education on how your family’s food is produced, where it comes from, what it costs to produce, and who is responsible for producing it ( most want to know about the moral integrity of the family’s doctor, child’s teacher, what about the family’s farmer?)
  • Social and Cultural renewal – by rediscovering our relationship to the land and each other, we can all thrive!
  • Weekly ‘farm news’ informing shareholders about the week’s produce selection, recipes & preservation tips, events & festivals, upcoming harvests & activities and more!…..

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  1. The website looks fantastic! Great job, Chris!