Dancing Fern Nursery – Plant Sale Saturday April 5th (10-12 CT), Wildflower amble in Dixon Cove (8-9:45 am)

2014 Plant List
Dancing Fern Nursery
Miriam Keener  Sequatchie, TN  423-942 9201

We are a very small native plant nursery located in a cove amongst the Cumberland Plateau near Jasper, TN.   All of these plants were grown by seed, cuttings, divisions or spores. I don’t believe in selling plants collected from the wild.

The nursery is open by appointment. (sorry we don’t ship)

Directions to Dancing Fern Nursery
Beginning at Exit 155 of Interstate 24 (23 miles west of Chattanooga) take Hwy 28 north for 3 miles.  After road turns 2 lane take your first left onto Mel Dixon Lane. Drive 1 mile to Valley View Hwy. Turn Right.  Drive 2 ½ miles thru town of Sequatchie. Turn left at Coppinger Cove Baptist Church sign.  Drive 2 miles. Turn left at  Mail box onto Dixon Cove Road.  We are the first driveway on the right

PERENNIALS  general prices- 4 inch pots: $4 for shade loving plants and $3 for sunloving plants   gallon pots are $5 & $6

WILD GINGER Asarum canadenseDeciduous heart shaped leaves form ground cover in rich woods
COLUMBINE Aquilegia canadensis
1-1.5 ft., red/yellow blooms welcome the first hummingbirds in April. Full sun, part
shade. Don’t mulch; will self seed.
It’s hard to believe it’s the flower – Jack standing in the pulpit. Shade, woodland soil.
BLUE STAR AMSONIA Amsonia tabernaemontana
2 ft. tall with light blue flowers in spring; partial shade
NEW ENGLAND ASTER Aster novae-anglae
3-5 ft.; many shades of purple in late summer-fall; attracts butterflies; full sun
BLUE FALSE INDIGO  Baptisia australis
Blue pea like flowers on rounded bushy plant in early May; full sun
RIVER OATS  Chasmanthium latifolium
A clump grass with ornamental flat seed heads that dangle..yellow/coppery fall color  2 ft,  part shade
WOODLAND COREOPSIS 4 FT. perennial blooms for weeks and weeks in partial shade starting in July; yellow flowers.
TOOTHWORT   Dentaria diphylla
The 3 part leaves emerge in the fall.. bell-like flowers in early spring. Likes rich soil and shade
SHOOTING STAR  Dodocatheon meadia

a beautiful spring ephemeral – part shade
BOTTLE BRUSH GRASS  Elymus hystrix
3 ft tall clump grass for part shade produces bottlebrush-like blooms in June
WILD GERANIUM Geranium maculatum
Lavender blooms in spring; partial shade
SHARP LOBED LIVER LEAF  Hepatica acutiloba
One of the earliest wildflowers to bloom. White-lavender flowers.Shade; likes limestone
4-6 inches; shade; forms a nice colony; April.
FALL BLAZING STAR Liatris squarrosa
2-4 ft.;purple wands in Sept. – Oct.; full sun-part shade; drought tolerant..
VIRGINIA BLUEBELLS Mertensia virginica
Limited quantity. Blue-pink-purple bells in late March and then the plant disappears until the next spring. Grows in moist shady places.
WILD SWEET WILLIAM Phlox divaricata
6 inches tall; fragrant blue blossoms in April; woodland soil; partial shade.
CREEPING PHLOX Phlox stolonifera
Blue/purple blooms in spring… low growing – likes shade
MAYAPPLE Podophyllum peltatum
Umbrella-like leaves adorn this spreading, colonizing perennial. Needs shade. If you have just a tiny spot for wildflowers you might not want this plant but it is a must for larger areas.
SOLOMON’S SEAL  Polygonatum biflorum
I think this is the giant one actually which grows 3-4 feet tall in a slow growing colony; a great accent plant in the shade
MOUNTAIN MINT Pycnanthemum incanum
Dusty white bracts adorn this 2-3 ft. tall perennial; prefers partial shade
BLACKEYED SUSAN Rudbeckia fulgida
2 ft. spreading plant; yellow rays with black center; August – October; partial shade.
BLOODROOT Sanguinaris Canadensis
One of the first wildflowers to bloom in the spring – large white petals with yellow stamens; needs shade; spreads
DOWNY SKULLCAP Scutellaria incana
Blue flowers on 2 ft. tall plants in July; prefers light shade
STONECROP Sedum ternatum
Evergreen succulent groundcover; likes to grow on rocks but doesn’t have to; white
Flowers in April; shade/partial shade.
FIREPINK Silene virginica
Brighy red flowers in spring adorn this 1 ft. tall short lived perennial; likes well drained and not too rich soil.
WOOD POPPY Stylophorum diphyllum
Yellow blooms adorn this early spring native. Prefers shade –partial-shade and rich soil.
EARLY MEADOW RUE Thalictrum dioicum Very dainty plant – blooms in March – male and female on separate plants; light shade

TALL MEADOW RUE Thalictrum pubescens

A 7 foot tall version of meadow rue – part shade
CAROLINA PEA Thermopsis villosa
3-5 ft.; yellow blooms in May; full sun partial shade.
FOAM FLOWER Tiarella cordifolia
White “foamy’ flowers in spring – needs shade and rich woodland soil

 SPIDERWORT  Tradescantia virginiana

blue flowers on 1-2 foot stalks spring into summer
Veronica officinalis (common Speedwell)  $2.50
Evergreen groundcover forms a low growing mat; full sun/partial shade; tint spikes of
Pale blue flowers in May.

FERNS  Prices:3-4”pots $4; 2 quart & gallon $5&$6
All ferns prefer shade, rich woodland soil and moisture. Some are more adaptable than others. All of these ferns are native to this area.
COMMON MAIDENHAIR  Adiantum pedatum
Lovely and graceful;prefers lime; spreads slowly; 1 ft.
LADY FERN Athyrium filix-femina
3 ft.; needs moisture
BULBLET FERN Cystopteris bulbifera
Native to rocky slopes and limestone bluffs; a graceful delicate fern.
FRAGILE FERN Cystopteris fragilis
Small spreading fern; comes up early in spring; prefers some lime and good drainage.
LOG FERN Dryopteris celsa
Giant of the woodferns; evergreen
MARGINAL SHIELD FERN Dryopteris marginalis
Thick textured evergreen fern; 30 inches
SENSITIVE FERN Onoclea sensibilis
An easy to grow spreading fern
CINNAMON FERN Osmunda cinnamomea
Stately fern; 3-5ft. tall in ideal conditions – likes moisture
ROYAL FERN Osmunda regalis
Like the cinnamon fern needs moisture. Native to bogs and along streambanks (the Little Sequatchie River for example)
CHRISTMAS FERN Polystichum acrostichoides
Common fern in rich woods; evergreen; easy to grow
BROAD BEECH FERN Phegopteris hexagonoptera
Rich soil but not too difficult to grow; spreads by creeping rhizome.
SOUTHERN SHIELD FERN Thelypteris kunthii

RIVER CANE Arundinaria gigantea  $6
The only native bamboo – naturally grows along river banks. Will dig to order.
BEAUTY BERRY Callicarpa americana  1 gal. $6.00
3-6 ft.; bright purple berries in fall; sun- partial shade. I have witnessed bluebirds, robins cardinals and ceder waxwings gobbling the berries in the fall. – I have also seen the berries persist through the winter (03’-04’)
SWEET SHRUB Calycanthus floridus 1 gal. $6.00; 1 quart $3.50
5ft. tall spreading shrub with fragrant burgundy blooms in spring; sun- partial shade.
SUMMERSWEET Clethra alnifolia’Hummingbird’
Dwarf spreading shrub
HEARTS A BUSTIN Euonymous americana 1 quart $3.50
Thin green stemmed shrub with scarlet seeds that “bust” out in the fall; partial shade.
OAKLEAF HYDRANGEA Hydrangea quercifolia  1 gal. $6.00
4-10 ft. tall very handsome shrub with cinnamon colored exfoliating bark; huge white blooms in early summer; partial shade.
VIRGINIA SWEETSPIRE Itea virginica 1 gal. $6.00
3-5 ft. spreading shrub with wand- like branches; white flowers in May; scarlet- yellow –
burgundy leaves in fall.
MOUNTAIN LAUREL  Kalmia latifolia
Evergreen acid loving shrub for part shade and well drained soil
PIEDMONT AZALEA Rhododendron canescens 1 gal. $8; 1 quart $3.50
This is the early blooming pink, sweet smelling azalea that’s common around here.
FLAME AZALEA Rhododendron calendulaceum  1 gal. $8, 2 gal,$12
RHODODENDRON  Rhododendron maximum
Acid loving evergreen shrub.
SWAMP ROSE Rosa palustris 1 gal. $6; 2 gal. $9
6-7 ft. thornless shrub has single pink blossoms – full sun inwet or regular soil.
CORAL BERRY Symphoricarpos orbiculatus 2 gal. $8; 1 gal. $6 This 3-5 ft tall shrub spreads by runners and is shade tolerant. Excellent shrub for erosion control
MAPLE-LEAVED VIBURNUM  Viburnum acerifolium
Shade tolerant; 4-6 ft. tall; reddish purple fall foliage; black fruit.
V.acerifolium1 gal. $6

RED BUCKEYE Aesculus pavia 1 gal. $6
3-20 ft. shrub or small tree; red upright flowers in April attract hummingbirds.
FRINGE TREE Chionanthus virginicus
A small tree with white tassely fragrant flowers in May
POSSUM HAW HOLLY Ilex deciduas 1 gal. $6
A small deciduous tree with red berries in fall.
SOURWOOD Oxydendrum arboreum 1 gal. $6.00; 2 gal. $8
This tree has so much going for it: it’s interesting and unpredictable shape, it’s beautiful fall
Color, summer blooms that make the best tasting honey….. it’s only drawback is that it’s a
Slow grower.
BIGLEAF MAGNOLIA  Magnolia macrophylla
This tree has the largest leaf in North America. A deciduous understory tree
UMBRELLA MAGNOLIA  Magnolia tripetala
Similar to the bigleaf magnolia
MOUNTAIN CAMELIA Stewartia ovata 1 gal. $15; 1 quart $10
Small uncommon tree with white flowers in June; acid soil – partial shade. TEMORARILY OUT
EASTERN HEMLOCK Tsuga canadensis 1 gal. $6
A large evergreen tree native to stream banks and the mountains.

TRUMPET HONEYSUCKLE Lonicera sempervirens
A native bright red blooming honeysuckle – not invasive.  Train it on a mailbox or an arbor or a tree. Blooms in May



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