‘Foraging Ahead’ Grazing Workshop to be held at SCF May 18-19, 2012

Foraging Ahead
May 18th (Friday) & 19th (Saturday), 9am-5pm CT

2 Day High Density Grazing School and Holistic Management Workshop at Sequatchie Cove Farm
with Ian Mitchell-Innes

For Farmers interested in advancing their farms and their lives.

Ian Mitchell-Innes: South African Holistic High Density Rancher and Certified Holistic. Ian’s message is make farm management decisions that keep money in your pocket and make your farm more fertile.

Mark Bader: Will explain rumen function on grass in herbivores and the relationship of grass growth to animal performance.

Ian will be covering all the critically important steps in implementing high density planned grazing. Livestock can heal your land and build your soils. To achieve this it takes proper management and know how. Do it right the first time; get educated before starting off and prevent costly mistakes with your livestock and land. There will be classroom sessions in the mornings, and pasture walks at Sequatchie Cove Farm covering all aspects of mob grazing in the afternoons.

Registration will be from 8-9 on Friday May the 18th. Class on both days will be from 9 and to 5.

Lunch both days and dinner Friday is included along with snacks and coffee.

Cost of the school is:  $150.00

A $100 deposit reserves your seat, balance is due May 1st, 2012. There are some scholarship spots available, please email questions and requests.

Contact – Questions/Mail Registration to:

Bill Keener
320 Dixon Cove Rd.
Sequatchie, TN 37374
Bill [dot] keener [at] sequatchiecovefarm [dot] com

Whether you are an experienced grazer or a beginning farmer you need to attend this 2 day educationally dense grazing school with Ian Mitchell-Innes, and the Keener’s  at Sequatchie Cove Farm and learn how a pasture-based farm has the potential to be a highly profitable and regenerative enterprise.

In this 2 day intensive learning experience, Ian Mitchell-Innes an internationally known mentor and trainer of holistic high intensity grazing techniques, will inspire us to change how we view our farms and how we implement grazing systems. This school will open your eyes to a whole new way of thinking about the land, plants, pastures, animals and their symbiotic relationships and how working with the rhythms of nature can heal the landscape, your bank account and your community.  We will cover a wide range of topics from the details of grazing to the big picture of building a local food system starting with developing scenic, profitable and highly productive models for local farms.

Some of the points to be covered are:

  • Getting started with fence, water, grass
  • Managing cow stocking rates and stock density as the most important grazing tool
  •  Maximizing solar energy capture
  • Importance of post-grazing residual
  • When and how long to allow pastures to grow and recover after grazing (stockpiling)
  • How to keep animal performance high
  • How to avoid costly mistakes in grazing
  • How to drastically cut your operating costs and inputs
  • How to finish beef and lamb on grass
  • The Ins and Outs of High density (mob grazing) mimicking the herd effect of our native Bison.
  • How to market your products

This workshop is made possible by generous funding from:
Gaining Ground-Benwood Foundation


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