We make artisan cheeses from fresh whole milk at our creamery.

‘Dancing Fern’ an ACS Winner once again!

We are thrilled and honored to have been awarded 3rd Place by the American Cheese Society in their 2013 Competition for the Farmstead Soft Cheese category – ‘Dancing Fern’ has placed in this category 2 years in a row!2013 Winner Sticker

For more info about the American Cheese Society, and to see the complete list of 2013 winners, CLICK HERE.




Where to Find our Cheese

We ship via FED EX Weekly – contact Padgett at 423-619-5867 for pricing/availability & to order. Wholesale customers welcome. (We accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AmEx)

Main St Farmers Market, Chattanooga, TN. Wednesdays weekly, year-round.

Mooney’s Market & Emporium, Monteagle, TN

Farm Mobile (Riverview Farms), Atlanta, GA

Whole Foods Market, Southeast Region (TN, GA, AL, NC, SC)

The Bloomy Rind / Porter Rd Butcher, Nashville, TN

Star Provisions, Atlanta GA

St James Cheese Company, New Orleans, LA

Cream & The Crop Cheese Selections, San Fransisco, CA

Artisan Cheese Company, Sarasota, FL

Saxelby Cheesemongers, Brooklyn, NY

212 Market Restaurant, Chattanooga, TN

St John’s Restaurant / St John’s Meeting Place, Chattanooga, TN

Urban Stack Burger Lounge, Chattanooga, TN

Chattanoogan Hotel/Broad St Grill, Chattanooga, TN

Easy Bistro, Chattanooga, TN

Public House, Chattanooga, TN

Finch and Fifth, Augusta, GA

Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant, Napa, CA

Highlands Bar & Grill / Bottega, Birmingham, AL

Ivy Wild Restaurant, Sewanee, TN

Interested in selling our cheeses? Contact Us or call 423-619-5867


2012 Cheeses are Coming Soon!

NEW 2012 Cheese is on the way, including Dancing Fern!

The delicate, 1 lb Reblochon style wheels are aging beautifully, ready for release as early as April 25.

This season’s Coppinger promises to be better than ever – look for updates on availability close to mid May, 2012.

Our Artisan Farmstead Cheeses: Cumberland and Coppinger

Cumberland: Simple, rustic tomme, inspired by the French “tomme de Savoie.” Aged 90 days and has a natural rind which is the mosaic of different yeasts, molds and other micro-flora that are allowed to grow wild. This process is a lot like growing a garden in that what grows on the cheese is a reflection of what is in the milk, almost like soil. Some of these organisms are inoculated and some are wild, but they are all allowed to express themselves and all contribute to the character of this cheese. Therefore, the character of the tomme will change as the milk changes throughout the year and the changing of the seasons. The flavor is buttery and earthy with a tangy grassy note, and hints of macadamia nut. It is named for the Cumberland Plateau, which envelops the farm on three sides.

Coppinger: Washed rind cheese, inspired by French Morbier and Raclette. Aged 120 days and washed with the house morge (cocktail of selected cultures and brine) on a regular basis throughout the ripening period. Its flavor is balanced, often with sweet & nutty overtones and a smooth, supple texture. It’s made exclusively with raw cow’s milk produced at Sequatchie Cove Farm, which is located in Coppinger Cove, from which it gets it’s name. This cheese is still a work in progress, and each batch will vary slightly, as we are still developing the final product. In fact, the feedback we get from customers who taste this cheese will significantly affect the direction we take with perfecting Coppinger over the next year. Tasting cheese is an exploratory experience and we are excited to share this cheese in its developmental stage.

Sequatchie Cove is going SOLAR!

Check out photos of our progress here! By the end of January we should have our new solar system up & running at the Creamery. Many thanks to Harvey Abouelata and all the great folks at Efficient Energy of Tennessee in Powell, TN, and especially to Jeff Cannon and the amazing staff at GreenSpaces in Chattanooga for their role in making this possible!

This project was made possible in part by a solar installation grant from The Tennessee Solar Institute. The Tennessee Solar Institute is part of the Volunteer State Solar Initiative, a comprehensive solar energy and economic development program that was established using $62.5 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 funding received by the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development through the Department of Energy.

About Tennessee Solar Institute
The Tennessee Solar Institute (TSI) is a center of excellence between the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory that brings together scientists, engineers and technical experts with business leaders and policymakers to help speed the deployment of solar technology. Its mission is to advance the understanding of solar innovation and to inspire new ideas that speed the development and implementation of solar-based technology in Tennessee. TSI is housed at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. For more information, visit http://solar.tennessee.edu.

Sequatchie Cove Cheese is Here!

We are finally ready to begin selling out premier cheese, Cumberland, made here at Sequatchie Cove Creamery! Buy it this week at the Main Street Farmers Market, Wednesday from 4-6pm.