The 2009 CSA season was fantastic – thanks to all our members for a wonderful year! Fresh fruits and vegetables from the Cove will be available in 2010 at the Main Street Farmer’s Market. See you there!

Local CSAs in 2010

Sequatchie Cove will not be offering CSA shares for 2010. However, we will be growing a myriad of vegetables & fruit for market this season.

If you are looking for a CSA in the Chattanooga area to join in 2010, here is a listing of farms that will be offering memberships and drop-off points in Chattanooga:

(click on the link to find more information about each farm)

Williams Island Farm (Chattanooga, TN)

Crabtree Farms (Chattanooga, TN)

Signal Mountain Farm (Signal Mountain, TN)

Rise N Shine Farm (Calhoun, GA)

Clover Wreath Farm (Cleveland, TN)

Circle S Farm (Lookout Mountain, GA)



A Canning Extravaganza!

cansCSA member Missy Emerling has been very busy this summer putting up all kinds of Sequatchie Cove produce for the winter months to come….and this was just her first few batches!

CSA produce this week…

Red & Green Lettuces, Arugula, Radishes, Leeks, Herbs, Kale, Collards,  Swiss Chard, Strawberries, Scallions, Beets, and Broccoli….coming soon – Napa Cabbage and Candy Onions!

Thanks to everyone for making the first CSA drop-off a great success!

We are so pleased with the layout of our new drop-off location at the Main Street Farmers Market – I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did…looking forward to Saturday morning at Greenlife!

Benefits of becoming a CSA Shareholder

  • Building community / developing important relationships
  • Weekly access to local, high-quality, organically grown produce – and eating with the seasons
  • Access to all of Sequatchie Cove’s farm-raised products – eggs, beef, pork, plants, and flowers will be for sale at each drop-off as they are available throughout the season; special orders & bulk orders for meats can also be arranged for convenient pick-up.
  • Supporting your local economy – 95% of food consumed in Chattanooga is shipped in from elsewhere. Those dollars are also on the next truck out of town!
  • Education on how your family’s food is produced, where it comes from, what it costs to produce, and who is responsible for producing it ( most want to know about the moral integrity of the family’s doctor, child’s teacher, what about the family’s farmer?)
  • Social and Cultural renewal – by rediscovering our relationship to the land and each other, we can all thrive!
  • Weekly ‘farm news’ informing shareholders about the week’s produce selection, recipes & preservation tips, events & festivals, upcoming harvests & activities and more!…..

What is a CSA?

CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – is the deliberate reciprocal relationship between a farm and its surrounding community. A group of people willingly gather around a farm and support the farm’s budget for growing high quality food using socially and environmentally responsible methods that conserve and uphold the integrity of the farm’s land and resources – from water to soil to plant to animal to human. The farm in turn commits to bringing that group of people its best quality produce on a weekly basis for a given number of weeks throughout the growing season.

The CSA members, or “shareholders”, share in the risks as well as the bounty of the given growing season, providing a direct link to the source of their food, as well as a meaningful relationship to local agriculture in their community. It is a “win-win” scenario – a farm provides people with nourishing, seasonal, fresh food, and those people’s direct support allows that farm to thrive and continue responsible stewardship of the land.