Grass Fed Katahdin Lamb from Sequatchie Cove Farm

We have a unique breed of sheep called Katahdin hair sheep here at Sequatchie Cove. This particular breed is the only sheep bred in North America specifically for producing the highest quality meat in our lush and humid environment. We raise our animals with lots of loving attention. We strive to mimic nature in all of our farming practices so our animals only eat the native grasses and shrubs that grow in our area. We move them to fresh grass daily in order to produce a superior forage, and ultimately end product, for your table. We believe that healthy soil and pastures are essential for providing you with healthy food. Our lamb is processed at around 8 to 10 months of age at a family owned USDA slaughter house in South Pittsburg, TN.

If you have not tasted fresh grass fed Katahdin lamb, or maybe you think you don’t like the taste of lamb, we encourage you to try our premium product.

We sell all cuts of lamb at various times throughout the year; all are available for purchase at the Main St. Farmers Market.

Link 41 in Chattanooga works with our fresh lamb regularly and produces hand made artisan lamb sausages, also available at Main St Farmers Market.

Click Here for more information about pre-ordering our Lamb Packages, currently available to customers in Chattanooga, Birmingham and Atlanta.

**Now offering NEW package options, including the Slow Cooker & Grill Masters special.

For more information about lamb production and availability, contact Kelsey Keener at:
E: kelseydk [at] hotmail [dot] com
P: 423.802.0516 or 423-942-3627


Whole Lamb for BBQ Cookout: $6/lb hanging weight hanging weight can vary from 50-60lb.

Cuts available for sale at Markets:

Chops  $15/lb

Ground $10/lb

Stew  $10/lb

Leg        $9/lb

Shoulder $8/lb

Leg Steaks $12/lb

Ribs $6/lb

Shanks $6/lb

Artisan Link Sausage $15/lb

Soup Bones $1/lb

Organs  $3.50/lb

*retail prices can vary depending on season*

10 Responses to “Grass Fed Katahdin Lamb from Sequatchie Cove Farm”

  1. do you have any breeding ewes for sale?

  2. We have been enjoying the wonderful Katahdin Lambs for many years. It is one of our favorite ingredients and a real pleasure to prepare, serve and enjoy ourselves. Thank you for raising them with such love & care.


  3. […] and BiLo, but I'm not sure about the quality. I think it was labeled NZ or Australia though. Grass Fed Katahdin Lamb from Sequatchie Cove Farm | Sequatchie Cove Farm I hear ya though, the closest grocery store is a Piggly Wiggly, about the only thing I can buy […]

  4. Where can I purchase your lamb in the chattanooga area? We would like a leg of lamb for Easter, which falls on March 31. Chatt Mkt doesn’t open till April.

    Do you sell before March 31?

    Thanks very much!

  5. Be sure to read all the information on this page, as you can pre-order using our online form, or you can contact Kelsey Keener directly.

    We also sell at Main St Farmers Market — Wednesdays, 4pm-6pm.

    Please contact us to pre-order, as lamb supplies are limited during Easter season.

  6. Do you have any sheep for sale? please let me know.

  7. Atilla, please contact Kelsey Keener (423) 942-9201. Are you inquiring about live sheep, or lamb meat?

  8. Looking to open another restaurant in the Chicago area. I would like to get pricing on Beef,Pig and lamb whole animals! And whole animals cut to size! 630-205-8256 Joe

  9. When you process your Katahdin lambs at 8-10 months, what is the live weight of the rams/ewes that have a hanging weight of 50-60 lbs? Approximately how much meat (no bones) does this yield?


  10. Do you have sheep milk for sale?

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